Drain surveys

Many people claim to be damp experts and form an opinion of the reason for the damp. Some might possibly have an agenda to flog a new damp proof course, or others might want to flog a considerable amount of lime plaster and rip up floors. In my opinion from many years of experience, and analytical work following BRE Digest 245, some of these opinions by others can be of no value despite large damp survey fees.

I’ll tell you what we do different….. For a start it is well documented that BRE DIGEST 245, using gravimetrics is the only way to to get quantitative moisture data to form an option on damp issues, as you can understand capillary moisture and hygroscopic moisture. A carbide meter or a damp meter don’t offer this.

We have a range of leak detection equipment, and also carry out CCTV drain surveys. I’ve lost count the amount of times we’ve found leaking pipes buried in floors, and damaged drains.


Blocked drains that have caused rising damp issues


Poorly installed drains that have caused rising damp issues


Blocked soak away and location traced and cctv survey using a sonde equipment


Long term rising damp issues because of a leaking water main

Top tip

When asking for a damp survey you need to ensure the survey is invasive and follows the methodology in BRE DIGEST 245, and if there is a genuine damp issue you will need to eliminate sources like drains and possible leaks. If these surveys are not being offered as well you need to think why.

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