Drying equipment

Whilst I have been involved in drying down buildings for a number of years, it was time we took our drying to another level. We have invested in the latest Corroventa drying equipment, from refrigerants, air movers, to desiccants that can target dry walls and floors. These systems are controlled with SuperVision, which is real time data logging. This basically means we can monitor the building without coming to site, so we can keep site visits to a minimum, and also have full control over the drying regime. We can even monitor wme readings, which is brilliant when we need to be careful as to not dry wood down too quickly, or it can just be used to monitor wood moisture content of timber.

If you also have issues with dry rot, we can offer a bespoke drying service to ensure rapid drying of the area, which is best practice. These system can also be installed when drying down a damp building before any lime rendering and lime plastering is going to be applied. This will help in reducing the chances of hygroscopic salt staining the new lime plaster.

If you need advice in regards to drying your building after and escape of water, or a recent flood give us a shout. We offer everything from the initial survey, to carrying out all of the repairs. If you have a leak that you can’t find, I also offer a leak detection service using the latest Sewerin Aquaphon 200. This is Sewerin’s most advanced ground microphone of unequalled quality.

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